Your luminous life starts with you. Dr. Simonelli offers 4 seasonal modules, 4 one-day events, and monthly sample classes to help you alleviate emotional & physical pain, become fully embodied and live your brilliant life. All events take place at Vitalize Community and Healing Arts Studio, unless otherwise specified. You can opt for 1 season or begin with any of these options. Modules address all fundamentals of Dr. Simonelli’s method, with specific & unique seasonal focuses. Dr. Simonelli strongly encourages individuals to consider all 4 season Modules with ‘The Full Experience’, as a solid foundation for the direct experience of individual brilliance, to find confidence, clarity and feel connected to embodied authentic truth.


Fall Module

  • Awaken Your Spiritual Connection
  • Find your inner guidance
  • Develop authentic calm
  • Women Only

Winter Module

  • Love Your Body & Increase Vitality
  • Listen To The Body & Feel Alive
  • NEW Confidence, increase Intimacy
  • Women Only

Spring Module

  • Heal From the Pain of the Past
  • Learn Abundant Confidence
  • Banish Negativity
  • Women Only

Summer Module

  • Transfer Anxiety into Confidence
  • Turn Stress into Clarity
  • Reduce Worry & Increase Productivity
  • Women Only

The Full Experience

  • Love Your Body
  • Free Your Mind
  • Open Your Heart
  • Awaken Your Spirit
monthly samples

4-Hour Samples

  • Expand Your Heart
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Ignite Your Joy
  • Men, Women, Older Teens
one day event

One-Day Events

  • Shift Your Perspective
  • Let Go Past Pains
  • Feel More Clarity & Joy Now
  • Men, Women, Older Teens


Your best, most authentic self is one click away.

Individuals meet in 12-week groups, every other Tuesday night, two 4-hour saturdays and a one-day event where they will:

  • Travel The 5 Landscapes in the 4 parts of self

  • Journey and learn using experiential tools to guide discovery

  • Dance, move, discover the power of image and symbol, make art, write, share, read, laugh, cry, release, remember yourself, imagine, make friends, find your feet, belly, breath, body and spirit

  • Learn powerful tools, skills and practices to awaken your soulful luminous life, anchor healing, shifts and growth in daily life

  • Be part of a community of like-minded & spirited people, learn from each other, offer and receive support, connection

  • Receive discount ticket to one-day event for a friend

  • Have access to recorded teachings to revisit

  • Have a workbook to guide inner work, discoveries and keep all your tools &learning in 1 place

  • Be eligible for the certification track to become a Certified Guide

  • Thank themselves for this gift


This journey is all about teaching and supporting you to unlock trust in yourself and express your whole, authentic, beautiful self…in all areas of your life, without excuse or apology. To bring all parts of your self and your life into alive, alignment with the brilliance of you. Sound good?!

Yes!? Personally, I have learned, time and again with myself, and those I work with, that change can be a conscious shift in the moment, it can also be a death and rebirth process…it can be messy. We grow either by crisis or conscious choice. We do best when we give ourselves time, attention and support…and that we can create real, sustainable change with practice, tenderness and courage. That we are, each one of us, designed to become our unique true self and that the journey to this treasure of YOU is the Soul-making call of a life-time. Finding and creating our own ‘way’ in life is what being here is all about. I believe this inner to outer coherence brings us the most connection, satisfaction and fully alive joy.

If you can relate, if you feel stirred by this, or feel the call…if you are ready to feel more support, connection and fully alive in your relationships, your work and your life…then, take a closer look, join the journey or sign up for a free 30 minute ‘next right step’ call. This work has been taking shape over the past 20 years, there are so many tools and practices to guide, support and enrich your journey, I can’t wait to share all the goodness with you.