Dr. Simonelli has developed a groundbreaking method of guiding individuals through their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies with the Luminous Life Maps™ system.

Luminous Life Maps™ is the most powerful, safe and supportive way to teach & facilitate as transformation comes through a combination of scientifically-rooted experiential learning, practical skill-building in an adult learning model. This potent combination brings your journey fully alive, gives you lots of ‘feel good’ opportunities, invites clarity that is mobilizing, and it is unlike anything you have experienced.

The tools in the Luminous Life Maps™ system allow people to stop feeling out of place, stop feeling unsupported & unseen and gives individuals the ‘permission’ and encouragement to come home to being totally truly themselves.

The tools this system works with include:

Create a vision in real-time and live each day clear & reassured. Dr. Simonelli gives guidance & permission to awaken creative expression. You will learn to use art experiences with various materials to explore and express feelings, thoughts, beliefs & desires. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words and they activate metaphor. Together these are the ‘Language of the Soul’ and speak to us in ways our conscious mind cannot.

Move into alignment with body, heart, mind and spirit to feel self-trust, confidence and inner truth as a new guiding force. As we expand “movement vocabulary” on the dance floor we expand how we move through life. Moving in new ways creates new pathways in the brain for better aging, opens new options in perception and helps flush out old ways of being. Dr. Simonelli guides individuals into their own dance…feel the strength of their body, the tenderness of their heart and the emptying of “the habitual mind”.

The body-brain system does not know the difference between something imagined or something done in real time. By journeying through inner landscapes clear vision, heart openings and innate wisdom in activated. Unlock the power of the imagination to catalyze real change, receive life changing insight and inspiration.

Adults need time for reflection to gather their learning. Time together allows for personal reflection, small group support & circles for meaning-making within the larger group. Hearing one another’s struggles & successes reassures and teaches participants they are not the “only one” with challenges & that they can prevail.

Occasionally we find stories, poems or myths that go right to the heart of the matter or offer a much needed ray of light and hope. Steeping The Self in soul-rich, archetypal writings is part of the Luminous Life Maps™ experience. Each module has suggested readings that teach through the magic and metaphor of story, seeding the new story that is emerging in each participant.

Experience & learn straight-forward ways to shift self-limiting beliefs, anxiety, fear & worry to feel more empowered in the moment. Learn to balance the body’s energy system & eliminate most negative emotional reactions within minutes to promote the body & spirit’s own healing ability. Stop reacting from fear and start living from balance, empowerment & choice.

All offerings are scheduled around the turning of the seasons to honor the body we live in as part of the Earth body we live on. Nature, external landscapes & seasonal cycles remind us of our inner landscapes and our deep indigenous knowing. Acknowledging these connections brings calm and a sense of belonging. Learn to create rites and rituals as part of your tool bag and to use ancient wisdom teachings for greater insight, understanding and meaning making.

Learn and use these tools in daily life to shift thought patterns, reduce daily overwhelm and experience more confidence. As new skills take root, new choices feel natural and results bring more connection, power, freedom and authentic ease.


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