Clients get brave and take risks. They start businesses, go back to school, go for big jobs, make relationships, stop what hurts, get married, have babies – things they were previously afraid to do. They grow more in confidence, self-trust, joy, resilience, and ability to navigate the ups and downs of life without overwhelm.

Audra & Eiya

“Feeling truth in my body and then seeing things change in my life is amazing, Shannon meets us right where we are – This is life changing.”

Professional Banker/Trainer & Professional Painter


“With the dance, art and group of amazing women, I find my beliefs changing and more richness in life.”

Digital Marketing & Analytics Director


“I’m the heady person, this has helped me move more into my body for more creativity and shifting my blocks.”
Professional Artist


“Social anxiety struggles for years with no real progress, this work has helped me feel more connected, and brought big changes in my daily life.”
Owner, Pilates instructor, therapist


“I’ve discovered dance and movement beyond just dancing…it is a meditation, and there is no wrong way to dance here.”
Business Owner, Actress


“I feel more alive and at home in my body, work, relationships and life. Shannon is feisty, raw, real and has done this work herself, it works.”



“Shannon has lead me back to myself, to feeling more loving, kind and real. She is a master at this work.”
Business Owner, Speaker, Author


“This was unlike anything I have ever done, I didn’t know what to expect. Things came easily to awareness from a deep body/soul place… I had breakthroughs in one day.”
Professional Artist, Experienced Personal Transformation Student

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