Transformation starts with you. Dr. Simonelli offers 4 seasonal modules, 4 one-day events, and monthly sample classes to help you become your most brilliant self. Current schedules are here. All events take place at Vitalize Community and Healing Arts Studio, unless otherwise specified. Dr. Simonelli strongly encourages individuals to consider all 4 seasons, The Full Experience, as a solid foundation for the direct experience of individual brilliance, to find confidence, clarity and feel connected to embodied authentic truth.

How We Do It

Transformation comes through a combination of scientifically-rooted experiential learning, practice by choice and practical skill building. This potent combination brings your journey fully alive.

What We Do

The Luminous Life Maps™ system guides, supports, & teaches participants to build skills and heal through Five Landscapes, in four areas of life: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Thought Body, and the Spirit Body.

Who Is This For?

Any one who wants to masterfully navigate life’s transitions, awaken their inner joy, and create their most effective, fulfilled, and powerful lives.