The Luminous Life Maps™ system guides, supports, & teaches participants to build skills and heal through Five Landscapes, in four areas of life: the Physical Body, the Emotional Body, the Thought Body, and the Spirit Body.

The Five Landscapes

Taking part in the Luminous Life Maps™ journey allows participants to become their most powerful selves by:

  • Teaching mind-body awareness to lower stress response.
  • Teaching strengthened relaxation response for improved physical health, pain management and reduced anxiety, sadness & fear.
  • Decreasing potential for depression, stress & anxiety.
  • Producing improved quality of life & overall well-being.

Be held safely while learning attentive inner listening for movement impulses and personal imagery.  Practice following these inner invitations to grow, to risk, to begin something more authentic and personally centered.

INQUIRY in Luminous Life Maps™ is a moving meditation, using focused attention & inner imagery linked to body & movement awareness. Meditation studies show this approach reduces the need for medical & mental health services by 43% in one year.

Meditation studies show decreases in depression, a positive decrease in amygdala grey-matter, which influences stress and anxiety and shows meditation can play a role in changing the brain towards improved quality of life and overall well-being.
Now and Zen: How meditation can change your brain and improve your health. Presentation March 8, 2016 Harvard Medical School.

The journey cultivates CAPACITY by building invaluable skills & practices that are body-based, designed for greater thinking, clarity & emotional stability. Participants practice giving & receiving support, opening hearts and minds and tapping the resource of creative expression to feed the Soul. Participants obtain the ability to catalyze REAL CHANGE IN ALL ARENAS OF THEIR LIVES.

Brain growth, or neural plasticity comes with practice paying attention to inner sensory information through movement of the body. This brings participants an increased ability to switch attention, which reduces pain & negative thoughts and increases the perception of possibilities in one’s own life.

Participants learn to intentionally generate and practice being in positive emotional states, to use the power of their heart to change their brain and experience less stress, greater mental clarity, sustained positive states and greater emotional stability. As capacity grows participants experience more “high frequency” or highly-resonant feeling states (gratitude, appreciation, compassion, love, enjoyment); they are activating the powerhouse of electromagnetic frequency in their coherent heart rate variability – the heart is sending high power communication to the brain. This positively impacts physiological functions including brain processes and psychological/behavioral outcomes.

Now and Zen: How meditation can change your brain and improve your health. Presentation March 8, 2016 Harvard Medical School
Research Behind The Adventure: Tools to Build Embodied Capacity and Imaginal Fluency For Brain Change By Shannon Simonelli Ph.D.
The Coherent Heart: Heart-brain interactions, psychophysiological coherence, and the emergence of system-wide order.
Heart Math Research Center, Institute of Heart Math By McCraty, R., Atkinson, M., Tomasino, D., Bradley, R.T. (2006)

Linking past pain with the experience of current safety, while feeling emotions, cultivates new associative synapses and neurologically re-patterns the brain for real change.

Through this journey, participants:

  • Let go of the past pain, fear and disorientation.
  • Reunify lost, split off, disassociated parts of Self into embodied coherence.
  • Integrate Shadow parts of self for more potency, power and passion.

As participants express & free what has been repressed in a safe, trust-filled environment they begin to experience comfort & ease in their daily lives. The process produces new perspectives, which repairs & grows the heart, mind, body and spirit. What follows is a new found expression of clarity, soul-centered action and personal power.

How Trauma Heals: Catharsis revisited By Jeffery Smith MD
Shamanic Soul Retreival: Effective holistic PTSD treatment By Dean Taraborelli

Appreciation for life’s journey, forgiveness, acceptance and more comfort with one’s self are found in ReStory. Research shows an increase in self-compassion brings a decrease in depression, anxiety and being self-critical, along with a more realistic perspective of life’s challenges.

Participants have experienced “being seen without judgment”. They create a new narrative, without the pressure of perfectionism, proving one’s self, or feeling crippling shame. New stories include more of who they truly are–connected and congruent within their bodies, hearts, heads and spirits. They lean into self-compassion, vulnerability, tenderness and connection with an increased access to creativity, joy, love and belonging.

How Vulnerability Can Make Our Lives Better By Dan Schawbel
Self –compassion: An alternative conceptualization of a healthy attitude toward oneself By Kristin Neff
The Power Of Vulnerability with Brene Brown

Research shows that health benefits of forgiveness impact the immune system, heart health, pain reduction, blood pressure and hope for the future. 62% of American adults say they need more forgiveness in their lives.

Using the mind, body, heart and spirit tools & practices learned in Luminous Life Maps™ system continue to reduce sadness, anxiety, fear and self-doubt. FEELINGS OF CONFIDENCE, SELF-EFFICACY AND FORGIVENESS GROW. Life becomes more joyful, empowered and full of purpose.

Forgiveness: Your health depends on it